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Pop Art Studio Pro

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Pop Art Studio is a versatile program that allows users to perform all the typical image-editing functions and many cool extras, as well. There is no easier way to get familiarized with certain artistic practices than by actually testing and reproducing their main features by yourself. Regarding that, Pop Art Studio is a helpful application that comes to guide and ease your creativity.POP ARTAndy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Ten Marilyns, Che Guevara, Mao, Mercedes, Self Portrait, Speed Skater, Brooklyn Bridge, Sachiko, Guns, Yes We Can, Coca Cola, Martini, Pop Art Girls, Neon Glow.
FILTERSExtrude, Woven Photo, 3D Shattering, Salvador Dali - Galatea of the Spheres, Pixelate, Bas Relief, Relief Map, Sands of Time, Frosted Glass, Sliding Puzzle, Urban Ink, Psychedelic, Vignette, Holga, Oil Painting, Mondriaan, Mosaic, Color Splash, Black and White, Stencil (Threshold), Negative, Posterize, Neon Glow, Colorize, Gradient Colorization, Polaroid, PIP, Single Photo Collage, Big Picture, Stack of Polaroids, Droste Effect, Valentine Stripes, Fifties, Rays, Stripes, Retro Circles, Techno Dots, Honeycomb Pattern, Mirror, Tile Reflection, Water Reflection, Wet Floor Reflection, Clouds, Fire, Stars, Snow, Water drops, Frames, Distortion and 3D effects.
COLLAGES• 50 Photo Grids to choose from• Take pictures or import photos from your photo library• Add Pop Art and artistic effects to your collage
TEXT• Solid and gradient fill, Shadow.• Multiple Outlines (Multiple Stroke effect).• 3D and Glow effect.• Multiple fonts.
SHAPES AND CLIP ART• Solid and gradient fill, Shadow.• Multiple Outlines, 3D and Glow effect.• Basic Shapes, Arrows, Stars, Crosses, Hearts, Various• Animals, Christmas, Comic, Emoticons, Flowers, Food, Beards, Kids, Scribbles, Web, ZAP!
CARTOON BALLOONS• Square, rounded, oval, and spikey (scream) speech balloons.• Thought Bubbles containing the text of the thought.• The bubble tail can be moved independently from the bubble.• Smaller circles, normal, curled, jagged, and double tails.
STICKERS• Hats, Hair, Eyes, Face, Party, Romance, Summer, Halloween, Christmas,• Minecraft (Steve, Zombies, Creepers, Spider, heads, animals, tools, clouds)
TOOLS• Color Splash, Effect Brush (History Brush), Magic Pen, Clip Art cutout.• Resize, Canvas Size, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Rotate by Angle, Drop Shadow, Multiply.• Eraser, Pencil, Lines, Polylines, Polygons.• Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Red/Green/Blue/Alpha, CMYK.• Gaussian Blur, Zoom Blur, Motion Blur, Spin Blur.• Add Noise, Sharpen, Unsharp Mask, Edge Preserving Smooth.• Multi Color Gradients, Linear Gradients, Radial Gradients, and Canonical Gradients.• Eye-dropper, Color-Picker tool, and default Color Palette.
DRAWING FEATURES• Rectangular and circular selections.• Copy and Paste pictures and selected areas of the picture.• Insert pictures into your drawing (Layers).• Adjust opacity and position, apply effects to inserted picture.• Undo and Redo your last action, reload picture.• Randomize text and effect parameters, reset to default values.• Full alpha transparency support (PNG file format).• High resolution pictures, 1800 (small memory devices) up to 4000 pixels.• Save and Share your picture.
Designed to run on mobile phones and tablets.
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